... in 2007, one-third of CMOs said they were satisfied with their ability to measure marketing ROI. That's a major disconnect with the CFOs. And remember, the guy with the gold makes the rules.

Wal-Mart and BMW have figured out how to put a long-term value on their customers, and are able to direct their marketing investment more effectively. PepsiCo also assessed the value of customers. Since Diet Pepsi drives its brand equity, Diet is where the marketing dollars are going.

But 55% of senior marketing executives lack a quantitative understanding of brand value, according to a recent survey by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) and Interbrand. Furthermore, because the brand's impact on corporate value is not clearly quantified, it's not being incorporated in decision-making: 64% of senior marketing executives say that brands do not influence decisions at their organizations. 

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